BT the Cat

BT the Cat


We rescued BT, a severely battered stray cat.

As the helpless animal recovers from human abuse, thankfully she has been adopted by a loving human and will be moving in to her new home tomorrow.

Besides BT losing her eyeball, she was also declawed and it seems that her voice box was crushed, so I think she may have run away from her owners due to all the physical abuse.

She is still a bit fragile and thin. She is not eating at the moment but her fur is growing back nicely, as you can see.

Her new owner has fixed up a room for her already, and from what I hear she is a real cat lover- her cats have their own playroom and sun-room. This will be a big change for little BT and only for the better.

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Oct 27th, 2014|BT the Cat|