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Kalle specializes in the industrial manufacture of sausage casings. In addition to this core expertise, the Wiesbaden-based company produces sponge cloths, functional food ingredients and a range of other products for the meat sector and other protein-processing industries. Benefiting from stable growth in the global market for sausage products, Kalle is now one of the largest players in the industry worldwide.

Value Added Casings

Value-added casings are the latest casing segment at Kalle. A prime example of the company’s commitment to innovation, they show how Kalle can improve quality for consumers while helping manufacturers to boost their efficiency.

Fibrous Casings

In 1929, Kalle introduced the Nalo sausage casing as the first real alternative to animal-derived skins. Decades later, these seamless fibrous casings are still a mainstay in the Kalle range. The only difference today is that the sheer variety of product variations would have been unimaginable in 1929.

Polymer Casings

Kalle polymer casings are the result of decades of experience in plastics technology. Combining multiple polymer layers, they offer a diverse range of configurable product characteristics.


Kalle rounded off its portfolio of casing options with the acquisition of US Company Jif-Pak and its extensive range of net casings. These products give a distinctive and natural look to cooked or smoked meat and poultry products.

Textile Casings

Originally, the linen-based textile casing was designed as a stopgap solution. Later, casings made from cotton or viscose became an important segment that enabled manufacturers to create their own specially shaped products. Today, Kalle is one of the world’s leading providers of textile casings.

Sponge Cloths

The sponge cloth was originally produced on the basis of an old Swedish patent. Having recognized its potential, Kalle developed the product as a separate business segment. Today, the company supplies one third of the global market and is constantly developing new applications.

Continuous Innovation – Since 1863

The Kalle Group can trace its roots back to the middle of the 19th century. Founded as a chemical factory for the production of paint, the company later moved into natural and synthetic fibers. For almost a hundred years, Kalle has continuously redefined the sausage-making industry with countless product innovations.

Seizing Opportunities for Growth

While many like to talk about customer focus, Kalle puts it into practice across every area of the business. Listening carefully to customers and their individual needs is key to trigger further market uptake. With its clear growth strategy, Kalle is continuing this success on the international stage.