Weidenhammer Lids and Tubs


Bring your products in the lead

With 12 production sites and 1,100 employees, Weidenhammer is the number 1 in Europe and one of the world’s two leading suppliers




Composite cans

The versatile solution when it comes to convenience packaging. Special features include flexibility in design and layout along with excellent sealing properties and aroma protection. The first choice for moisture-sensitive dry bulk goods.


Composite drums

A versatile, extremely stable solution that is ideal for high-impact advertising. This classic Weidenhammer package is designed for high-volume capacity. Perfect for everything from snacks to pet food, detergents and promotional items.


Luxury tubes

The exclusive package designed for exquisite products ranging from perfumes to distilled spirits and promotional items. This premium-quality packaging solution accentuates products with an attractive design and creative diversity.


Plastic containers

Extremely versatile, exclusive packaging with in-mould labeling. Protects and reliably presents all kinds of fresh products ranging from semi-solids to liquids.

More than 50 years of market experience

Regular Weidenhammer customers include international brand product manufacturers Unilever-Bestfoods, Nestlé, Procters & Gamble and BAT. These companies benefit from over 50 years of market experience and technology leadership in the development and production of durable, attractively labeled packaging solutions.

The customer always comes first

Our company’s success is based on close cooperation with customers and a firm focus on their needs. And this is not about to change. We work hard on our products, continuously invest in our plants, and are actively engaged in research and development.
Weidenhammer employees are our greatest asset. Every day, they work to meet the most exacting customer demands. Their technical know-how and market expertise are the result of a number of extraordinary achievements.