Over the years we have compiled a wide range of innovative spice blends, brines and additives suited for the meat and poultry, bakery and dairy industries. BTE Research and Development teams work closely with customers to create a product specifically designed to meet their needs. Only the best quality ingredients are carefully sourced internationally with the approval or our technical teams and inspected thoroughly by our Quality Controllers to ensure that all specifications are up to the required standard.

Qualified and competent food technologists are responsible for sampling and testing finished product with specialised equipment to perform analytical testing such as salt, pH and preservative levels in additives. Quality Control testing is performed on all products and every batch prior to despatch from our warehouse. We are proud to announce that our facility is HACCP: 10330 certified and we strive to maintain the highest level of food safety and quality standards.


Batch Packs

Complete or Incomplete to suit our customers’ needs. Blends of functional ingredients, additives and flavourings. Including products like Sausages, Burgers, Boerewors, Braaiwors, Hams, Viennas, Polonies, Russians, Salamis, Spreads, etc, etc


Spice / Seasoning Concentrates

A little goes a long way. Concentrated blends of Herbs, Spices and their extracts for addition into processed meat products. Including French Polonys, Russians, Viennas, Beef Sausages, Pork Sausages etc etc


Brines for Extension and curing

Wide range of brines for cured products (Bacon, Hams)


Brines for Extension and enhancement

Technically advanced brines for enhancement (Chicken, Beef)


Sprinkles, Seasonings and Natural Spices

Seasonings and spices to enhance home cooking and functional seasoning blends for Biltong Production


Additives and Ingredients

Supply of single ingredient additives and ingredients as well as functional blends of additives and ingredients for addition into processed meat products (eg, colouring blends, binder blends etc etc)


Key advantage of BTE is in addition to off the shelf we develop tailored solutions per customer

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