Schur Flexibles Group

The Schur Flexibles Group with its headquarter in Baden near Vienna and around 1,400 employees has specialized in innovative, high quality and made-to-measure high-barrier packaging solutions for the food, tobacco and pharmaceutical industries.

With its integrated chain of added value, from extrusion via print and laminating to extensive bag-making, the Group, which was founded in 2012, recorded an overall turnover of 350 million euros. Schur Flexibles encompasses 12 group companies with 14 production plants in Germany, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Greece and Russia, all of them highly specialized and each of them enjoying technology-leadership status in its own field. This centre-of-excellence concept makes the Group an attractive and expert partner for client companies in selected branches.

Flexible packaging solutions for all applications

The Schur Flexibles product range covers all requirements on the full line for the core markets served.

Our marketing- and R&D-staff monitors developments in our customer markets, the retail trade, and at endconsumers – in order to continuously adapt and develop our productportfolio to meet all requirements. Our product development activities in raw material composition, packaging design and process technology combined with the know-how of our suppliers, enable us to offer our customers the best possible packaging solutions. Our aim is to develop high-end innovative solutions that create real added value at our customers in the food, healthcare, and tobacco industries.

Some examples of the current product range of Schur Flexibles:

High-barrier films

High-barrier shrink films

Lidding films / laminates

Multi-layer laminates

Peel- and recloseable solutions

Specialty PE / CPP solutions

Wicket bags

Shrink bags

Drawstring bags

Tobacco pouches


Attractive packaging solutions for our core market segments

Effective packaging plays a vital role in the highly competitive marketplace, where an abundance of products call out for the consumer’s attention.

Many shoppers do not make up their mind until standing in front of the supermarket shelf. In this very crucial moment, the packaging is the producer’s most vital marketing tool. Design and construction of the packaging must convince the consumer that this is the best buy. Additionally the packaging must communicate the information that is also required to make a choice.